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If you would like to learn how to maximize the value of every consulting opportunity, get rapport with every contact, and deliver amazing service to every client (to get great return work and referrals), then WELCOME!

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If you are currently a consultant, then you have probably experienced some (if not all) of the following challenges:

If you have experienced any of those challenges, then keep reading!

The difficult life of "Pat the Consultant"

Imagine a consultant - let's call him Pat. Pat has years of experience in his field, and has decided to become a consultant. Pat has been in business for a little while, and while he's making ends meet he feels he's working too hard, not making enough money, and he's starting to get frustrated.

Pat has an okay closing rate with prospects, but he wishes it was higher - he wastes a lot of time putting together proposals that are not accepted (or even responded too). Once in the door, Pat often struggles with hard-headed clients, as well as workers and staff that don't like or trust him.

Pat is comfortable with his work, but he finds that after doing analysis and making his recommendations he has a hard time getting buy-in from the client. As a result, his solutions aren't fully implemented and he doesn't get the credit (and referrals and repeat business) he deserves.

Sometimes it feels like even when the client implements his solutions that the client is under whelmed, as if they expected some kind of a "magic bullet." While the client doesn't complain or ask for money back, he doesn't become the "raving fan" Pat was hoping for.

Pat's doing okay, but he feels like he's spinning his wheels. He knows he wants and deserves much more money, greater success, and an easier life.

Does any of Pat's story sound familiar to you?

Consulting is a relationship business. The key to success is to learn and implement the skills that make relationships easy and strong

The 7 Step "Consulting Cycle"

In any consulting relationship, there are 7 important steps:

Step 1: Starting and Developing the Relationship - This is where you meet the client (or prospect) and start to learn about them. You also give them a sense of who you are and what you do. This is where you first start to develop trust. Mess up this step, and you've ended the project before it even begins.

Step 2: Contracting - Determing the Client's Needs - This step may be the most important one. While contracting, you must have the skill to really figure out what the client needs. This will accomplish two amazing things for you: 1) you will be sure to give the client exactly what they want so they are satisfied and impressed and 2) you will be able to demonstrate clear value for your work so that you can justify higher fees to the prospect.

Step 3: Collecting Data - Once you have the project, you need to take the time to understand the situation. This step seems simple enough, but without some fundamental skills you may skew the data and miss out on creating a solution that "wows" the client.

Step 4: Diagnosing the Problem - After you have the data, you need to look at the data and figure out what the problem is. It is essential here that you open your mind to make sure you are identifying problems, not symptoms. Otherwise, you'll fulfill your contract but absolutely under whelm the client.

Step 5: Generating Solutions - To solve the problem, you need a solution. If you have key creative skills, you will be able to generate a series of innovate solutions to make sure that you serve the client in the best way. You can also stay flexible when the client rejects your first idea.

Step 6: Implementing the Solution - Once the client agrees to your idea, the solution needs to be implemented, and you need the client's support and buy-in.

Step 7: Disengagement - After all is said and done, you end the relationship and follow up. If you do all of the above steps right, this is where you get that great follow-up work and referrals everyone wants.

What you'll learn in this amazing DVD set

It may sound far-fetched at first, but the tools of improv comedy will vastly improve almost every single step in the consulting cycle above! In addition, by understanding improv comedy principals, you will also be able to control your attitude, flow with challenges, deal with difficult people, and be more effective in many areas of your personal and professional life.

Don't believe it? Well here's just some of the amazing things you will learn to improve your consulting business, all from the world of improvisational comedy:

In addition, this DVD set features explanations and examples of over 25 improv comedy exercises, all designed to make you a more successful consultant!

Wow that's a lot of information!

Yes, it certainly is! But being a consultant, whether it's external, internal or independent, is an involved task. The more you know, the better you'll be able to do.

Keep in mind that while there is a lot of information, the DVDs are laid out in a very simple and straightforward manner. Each point has a simple improv exercise that you can watch and practice to develop the underlying skill.

It's up to you - whether you do a power session and watch the DVDs in one sitting or take it one point and game at a time, the techniques will work for you!

Plus, unlike any other system on the market, this will be the most fun you have ever had learning! The exercises and points are profound and powerful, but since they are from the world of improv comedy you will be laughing and smiling while you are improving your consulting work. This is no boring training video - this is a lively and high-energy improv comedy training video!

Here's what people are saying about Fred

"After attending one of your seminars several years ago, I created a "Gleeck File" which contains the notes from the seminar and the excellent written materials you provided. In all honesty, I refer to that file more frequently than any other. The Gleeck File alone contains everything . . . For me, it has been a life-saver."

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-Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame Past President, National Speakers Association
"Fred’s . . . seminar generates, motivates and activates one’s excitement to just go out and do it. Take each part of the . . . process and be challenged by it, not afraid of it."

-Sora Vernikoff, Author of Eat What You Want! Stop When you Want!
"All of this information was very good. This information at this time is almost like a message from above . . . It was so power packed with good stuff that I cannot believe I am getting this gift right when I needed it. Thank you. I am just awestruck by the fact that all of this information has been so timely for me."

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"The next Anthony Robbins."

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"Highly positive, energetic and engaging. Tonight's program stretched my comfort zone - I got a bit uncomfortable and it felt good to be outside"

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"Loved it! Learning how to collaborate can be fun with Avish leading the way!"

-David Park , SW Engineer, Job Seekers 'R Us
"The most fun I've had learning"

-Cookie Burkhalter,
"Avish has depth of experience - working in the Fortune 500 (Chase Manhattan) -and working for applause. He calls on both backgrounds to be a credible advisor to business minds and to flaky folks like me"

-Liz Matt ,Chesapeake Embroidery & Design
"I'm inspired! In one hour, Avish helped me to become more creative - and therefore more effective in my work and in my personal life."

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"It was excellent. What a unique way of addressing marketing & sales. A different (or creative) approach to marketing solutions"

-Mary Ann Davis ,Director of Marketing & Admissions, Stapeley in Germantown
"Something happens to us between childhood & adulthood. Avish helped me find the tools to bring back the sense of wonder through unblocked creativity. I can't wait to master it."

-Amy Kirkpatrick, Residential Housing Coordinator, The Brethren Home Community
"Avish is passionate about what he does and his ideas are right on track"

-Debra Mikulak, Director of Operations, Patricia Schultz Enterprises, Inc.

Who we are

Fred Gleeck

Fred Gleeck has been a consultant for over 15 years. He is the author of "The Consultant's Manual," & "Consulting Secrets to Triple Your Income," as well as the audio program, "The Consulting Mega Profits System!" He has helped over 3,591 people start their own consulting businesses...

Fred has used his consulting expertise to not only help thousands of others, but also to create a lifestyle for himself that allows him to live a life he enjoys, take only work that he has a passion for, and avoid the pitfalls that so many consultants fall into.

Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar is a professional speaker, trainer, and improv comedy expert who uses ideas from improv comedy to teach groups to be more creative, to work better as a team, and to improve their productivity. Avish has spent the last 15 years performing, teaching, and directing improv comedy. Avish has performed improv comedy on National TV, started and ran a successful improv comedy troupe in Philadelphia for 7 years, and has presented his ideas on applying improv comedy to the real-world at international conferences

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We haven't padded this system (as many people who sell things do) with a lot of superfluous B.S. There aren't any long-winded war stories that help you with nothing, but pump up the speaker.

It's all GOOD STUFF.

The fee of $97 is almost laughable for the volume of information you'll be receiving.

There's nothing else to say except . . .

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